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Curse you!

Mister Nemo asked me to put in this thread just before he left me for hot, sandy beaches and even hotter chicks: Since we all speak a lot of weird languages, he thought we should teach each other how to curse/swear/whatever it is called! Since those nasty words are the first we learn of new languages, this could prove useful.
In the spirit of Nemo, let us get to work.

I'll start with some Norwegian:
Faen - like "fuck"
Helvete - Hell
Jævel - Devil ("æ" is like the "a" of damn, I guess...)
Hæstkuk - Horse's cock
(more coming up...)

I'll add some Finnish too...
Kyrpä - Cock
Kulli - Cock
Vittu - Vagina
Paholainen - Devil
Perkele - Devil

Feel free to add. Let us learn and have fun. And make Nemo happy.
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