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Originally Posted by HatecrewESP

"Everyone at Fun Happy Metalboard had a good, long discussion. After they finished their discussion, they moved on to other topics. After all, there are so many things to talk about.

However, one member didn't like this state of affairs. He was a meddling prick, so he decided to change things. He started old discussions, again and again and again. Topics people thought were dead and buried were resurrected for no good reason whatsoever. This wouldn't be so bad, but this member had nothing to say, and no brain to say it with.

His contribution was not appreciated.

Eventually he died, lonely and forgotten, in the bathroom of a cheap hotel-motel. Everyone at Fun Happy Metalboard cheered, for he was gone, and would return to be an irritating cunt no longer."

Stop recycling old thread, you waste of skin.
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