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this is bullshit i hate this keyboard right now its wigging out on me. nah theres nothing wrong with being a prick in my mind anyways as long as its with reason to be and such. okay, about me caring what people think i dont really. as for being fucked up in the head the whole self esteem issues. its kind of my way of dealing with people shitting on me. like my best friends and stuff. yeah i know thats like a way weird one. but no i just deal with my own shit and if people hate me cool if not cool as well. as for my typing in this post refer to my first statement. the difference between absolute hot and absolute cold, no difference. the difference between absolute genius and absolute insanity none. great minds are seldom cherished during their lifespan. weird theory but i adhere to it and it seems to have proven itself throughout history. ive been trying to organize my ideas/theories and the ones i have compiled from books so that i can get more in depth but yeah. later
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