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yeah. . .

Originally Posted by powersofterror
Thrashboy [I think] just goes off of unorthadox'ed jazz theory, which can combine anything...

Hey, I hope you weren't talking about me in that. . . as unorthadox as I may be in my methods. Hence, I would guess you may have been talking about me. *didn't see a "thrashboy" on the forum* Yeah I'm blind and stoned stupid as usual. Anyways, about the whole music thing. Hendrix did a lot of things during his time that was considered to be "satanic". I believe it was during the main riff to purple haze yeah, that one was majorly evil in the olden days. At least I read that in some stupid tab book once upon a time. I'm not going to defend anything the book said, I just know they said it. Yeah, music. . . interesting. . . Why not focus more on learning music than the origin. That you can actually do rather than have a lot of rumors or ideas. You will have what is known as fact.
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