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Honestly, I might be going to SFA soon. . . or some junior college. .. or the oil field, but no I am not an SFA student. I will probably lose respect in this little online community for this but I'm a senior in high school, I'm the guy that when I turned 18 I got a tattoo on my left wrist. . . two hours under the needle. I independently study and take as many correspondence courses as possible. Guitar world, Guitar one, Berklees modern method for guitar series, Harpercollins college library Music Theory, Berklee Joe Stump shred DVDs. Anything I can learn from. See why I said I am a geek now, I memorize as much as possible at a time. I take notes on everything I study. As far as I know I have a major headstart on a college career. Plus, not to get too personal but at one time I was a major insomniac then I met this girl. We were together for four years. Best friends all that crap. I've always been extremely bitter towards the world. The insomnia went away. She eventually gained my trust then betrayed it. We were going to do the whole "High school sweetheart" marriage thing after I graduated. She was a year older. The point of the whole background info was just to say that the Insomnia came back(so did the massive amounts of drinking). Yeah, I've had a crazy life. Not that my life is the craziest, just really weird. Now I have more time to study because I sleep a lot less. Occasionally, I get to doze off for a little while(an hour or so). I hang out with some SFA students occasionally not to mention the times I've went up there to talk to Midglee(their music professor). My sister goes to SFA too but yeah, why do you ask? It almost sounds like you are from the area. I live closer to Louisiana, about 45 minutes to an hour away from Nacogdoches(SFA college town) in a little hick town called Joaquin. I don't even live in "Joaquin" per say. I live about 10-15 minutes away from it. So I don't have to see the hicks when I step out my front door at least. The "hicks" around here tend to be unintelligent, obnoxious, and annoying among many other things.

Notice how all of my posts tend to be long to extremely long? I really have way too much spare time on my hands.
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