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At any rate, Christianity had a HUGE role. Don't quote me on this, but I heard that music was banned in many places because it had such great power for mobilizing people (maybe armed people too, like in revolts or mutinies). At any rate I know that at a certain time the Roman Catholic papacy banned the use of the major triad because it was so lively ...

Though I think music took its roots long before Roman Catholicism. I think even before the Roman empire ... apparently Egyptians (and others) had some very primitive flutes.

Also, our music, Western music, is based off of the division of an octave into 12 notes. However in lots of Eastern music (think traditional Indian music for example) the octave is divided into I think 26 notes, a bit more than double what we have. That means that basically between every fret you would have another note ... that sounds complex just to think about.

Anyways apparently most of the modal stuff was developped by the Catholics, but I'm personally not to sure where we got all those other scales, like the melodic minor, the harmonic minor, the blues scale, diminished and augmented scales etc ...

It's really interesting but to find out you would have to do some research. The first place I would look would be for an intro to music history in your local library. Books are almost always better than websites for anything historical.
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