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I understand all of this stuff, but I wish I could just pick up some sheet music and play it ... I always have to think to remember which note is which, and how long to hold them.... usually by the time I figure out the next note and how long to play it, I've already screwed up. It's one thousand times easier for me to listen to something and then reproduce it.
I wish I could just read and play properly (although probably at a slower tempo for starters) without having to stop and think about it. Especially when I have to think to remember what scale I'm in so I know which ones are sharp or flat.
Some people say to think outside the box.
I say do away with it. You can always stand in its former location if you need to make use of the perspective it gave you, but will benefit from the ability to situate yourself in different loci with ease.
Destroy the box.
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