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It's really hard to say which song I learned first, since I technically never learned an entire song until I had been playing for several months. It's more like "what riffs did you learn to play?"

Having said that, here are some of the things I started with:
Pantera: Walk (the main "easy" riff) - someone had a guitar mag with the bassline for this. I didn't know what tuning was yet, or pre-bending either. I thought it sounded a little odd ...
Ozzy: Crazy train intro ... enough said
Megadeth: Peace Sells intro! There you go Metal Thrashing Mad ... only I couldn't play it properly, obviously
Dread and the Fugitive Mind: I could get most of it, except for the fast part. Naturally I was sloppy all through the song
Disconnect: Having not develloped the ear for bass, I was playing the guitar part from a guitar tab ... still fun though
Legend of Zelda: The song that played in the levels in the original NES game .... couldn't play the 5/4 part very well though ...
Iron Maiden: Can I Play with Madness - only lately have I went over that one again and realized how horrible the tab was ...
The Wicker Man: That was good practice for 3 string power chords.

Haha what a bloody mess. It took so long to develop the feel of the instrument. I don't think I'll start an instrument from scratch ever again - I'm comfortable with bass thank you
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