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Originally Posted by Transient
i just went over this in theory class. youre right on. figuring out how to do intervals is easier if you have the circle of fifths in front of you, or better yet are damn good with key signatures

Key Signatures aren't very complicated it does take small memorization though. For Example, Sharps go in order F C G D A E B, you know this revolves in the circle of fifths/ circle of fourths, depending on if you go clockwise or counterclockwise. When flatting there is only one key that doesnt carry the b and that is the key of F. When flatting you flat backwards B E A D G C F, remember that you drop the G and the F one octave on the staff when showing where to b.

A neat little trick to use when sharpening things is the last thing you sharpen on the staff, for example you sharpen the F, you would know you are in the key of G major because whatever key you are in is always going to be 1/2 step above the last thing you sharpen. My teacher taught me that and it works very well.

As for flating. Just memorize that F has a Bb, no trick there. Beyond the Key of F major though you can look back just before the last thing you flat. fe: on the staff you flat B E and A. Look back just before the last thing you flat(A) and you will find the key you are in (E) since this has a flat symbol on it you are in Eb of course. I hope I explained that well. Erm, Just the flat symbol before the last on whichever line/note you are on is the (major) key you are in. Yeah, I know this is an old post I'm replying to as well.
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