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History of music and theory?

I figured this was the best place to put it, so here goes.
So, what's the history of music theory and shit like that?

I mean, did all the theory/notation/scale stuff start in Medieval times? What other known forms were there that could have influenced this?
Like what was the first scale created? From what and where did it all begin?

And, how is the development of music theory linked with Christianity and the Bible in general? (Specific cases would be nice too e.g certain scales being linked with the Devil.) Was Christianity a major influence on music, or the only influnce in the creation of scales?

If this is case then, finally, if - hypothetically Christianity did not exist and some other form of power and control was in it's place, in what way would that change and influence music and music theory?


(fuck, yeah it's long, but this is fascinating shit - any links would be helpful too)
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