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Thanks guitar demon and powersofterror, It will take me a little while to get around to the next lesson maybe a week or more. I don't know what I want to touch bases with next or how I want to approach it. I know I need to go into either chords of exotic scales, either way I have to follow up with chords from natural major modes and chords for the exotics. So one way I divide the chord lessons up and just do scales/modes and urg. I think I'm going to go with doing exotics next, then just do all the chords together. Maybe even do a nice little explanation of consonance and dissonance, by our western music. I know I'll get around to an explanation of intervals but yeah. It's more trouble finding out what I want to talk about and organizing my thoughts than anything. Anyways, thank you for the compliments and as long as people are listening, I'll continue to blabber. I'm tired of incorrect information being spread around so easily online and correct information being harder to find. If anyone that views this needs a more in depth explanation of anything I say. Inform me and I'll try my hardest to explain in better terms or terms that anyone can understand. Beginners remember. We all start where you are, all that matters is how you teach yourself and if you care to learn.
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