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Originally Posted by andrewc
1. everyone just simply refer to the (locked) "poser friends" thread as to what the majority of metaltabs actually think of bia's breasts.

5,431 members...and you and one or two others comment like you....real smart mr "Marority"
You keep dragging shit up....hopping from thread to thread making comments trying to enrage me.
At were upsetting me but after the past few days watching the real members here berate you (they know you too well) I no longer an angered by you but instead amused by your obvious obsession in your attempt at getting others to join your hate march.
Keep it comming....I will no longer flame back at you but instead simply laugh and further help you expose yourself for the child you are.
Love ya little bro!

[EDIT]Also....he was warned to stop what he just did again....but I ask the Admin and Mods to please not suspend him....I can easily handle anything thrown at me.
I had an epiphany last night...I realized I too can be a total ass and immature bitch and dont like the way I see myself when I act that way so I'm no longer going to "react" and try my best to think before flying off the handle.
For my past ignorance....I apologize to all members here that have to put up with this much un needed shit.

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