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Originally Posted by blizzard_beast
I like this little thing:

------------------- -------------2-3-4--- (etc, go down)
-------------- ----------2-3-4-------
------------ ------2-3-4--------------
----------- 2-3-4--------------------

You keep the index finger on at all times, and play the usual chromatic scale. It improves stretching and finger strength

Hopefully it isn't hard to figure out the rest from the above example.

that is a nice one. the rest bores me, it's a nice practise, don't get me wrong but I can't play it for longer then a couple of minutes before I fall asleep.

same goes with learning chords and shit, took me ages because they bored me, I'de rather spend my time making kickass riffs, till I found out chords can come in handy for impressing chicks while playin an acoustic. . I allready have the spead I want but I'm still working on a lot of scales and sweeps. I love the way you can use arabic sounding scales for solo's and shit. I don't like learning chords but I know all the important ones from the top of my head now.
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