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Originally Posted by k13m
here ya go MOFOS

i just worked on this for bout 20 mins

its the solo from nihility (anti-human manifesto) by DECAPITATED
im not sure if its 100% correct but its atleast 95%

rest of song will follow soon.. i hope... im stil working on it


EDIT i added another decapitated solo.

perfect dehuminisation (nihility)
dopesnt sound completely right but if u play along the song it makes sence.. its hard to get the rythm right in pt

anyone feel lik etabbing the rest of the songs???
i just like the solos so

EDIT2: tel me how i did.. i lik eot hear how awesome i am

hey man, could you upload it in .txt tab? because since you've done the solos, i'll give the riffs a shot
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