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Originally Posted by TruthDevoid
I still don't see the big fuss about Dime. It seems to me that since he died all of a sudden everyone thinks he's the best guitarist ever. I mean no offense to those who have always been fans of him and whatever, but all these people who never gave a shit before are now saying that he's the greatest just because he died and because everyone else is saying it. I always thought dime was cool but he never really impressed me and now that he's dead, my opinions of him won't change. Yeah it sucks the guy died, especially in such a horrible way, but i know so many people that never really liked pantera that all of a sudden are these huge fans of him just because they died. i hate banwagon jumpers. Sorry for the rant, it really doesn't even fit in this thread, but fuck it.

Yea fuck the people who jump the "Hey hes dead, so now hes cooler, so ill be cool if i like him" Bandwagon. Even before he died I always thought he was the best. Nothing about his death changed the way i looked at him as a guitarists.
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