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Originally Posted by BLS
I can guarentee none of those samples will sound anything like the real thing.

Anyone who actually expects this 100$ piece of equipment ( with a 50$ add on ) to sound as good as an Uberschall, 5150II or an Engl is a very, very silly person. This product was'nt even meant to be used directly in place of said boutique amplifiers. It was meant to turn your personal PC or laptop into a guitar practice and recording workstation for a very small sum of money. If you want great tone and feel for live performance, I think anyone with common sense ( and reasonably good taste ) will be able to discriminate between the GuitarPort and an actual amplifier.

What it does, for the money you're paying, is quite a great deal, but to think that it will perfectly replicate those amplifiers is beyond ludicrous, and the GuitarPort is no replacement for a great amplifier head/cabinet.
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