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Practice Technique From Hell - Building Speed

Several threads ago a good member stated a good practice technique invlolving the basic 1-2-3-4 up the neck run up and run down in 16th notes to boost your speed. I talked to my teacher about an embelished version of this practice technique, and he showed me his own rendition which could strenghten your alternate picking, upstroking, downstroking, and economy picking at high speeds and also when skipping strings. Now beware these techniques are not for the unpatient, itll take time and effort into building your speed, and dexterity with these excersie, but in the end it will make you very well rounded.

Technique From Hell

First lets start with 4 basic exercises that extend past the basic chromatic scale run up/down the board.

|-----------------------| |-----------------------| |-----------------------| |-----------------------| Ex-1 |-----------------------| |--1-----2-----3-----4--| |-----------------------| |-----------------------| |-----------------------| |-----------------------| Ex-2 |-------2---------4----| |--1---------3---------| |-----------------------| |-----------------------| |--------------------4--| |--------------3--------| Ex-3 |--------2--------------| |--1--------------------| |-----------------------| |-----------------------| |--1--------------------| Ex-4 |--------2--------------| |--------------3--------| |--------------------4--|

The numbers dont necessarily mean fret numbers, think of it as finger numbers and it can be played anywhere on the fretboard.

Now the key is to play each of these with differant picking styles, and in differant combonations. First choose one excersise then pick it all down picking, then Strict alternate Down-Up, then all Up strokes, then in triplet form like Down-Up-Down-Down-Up-Down or more simply D-U-D, then reverse that to U-D-U-U-D-U.

The next step makes it even more complicated with even more variables, after you know how to practice each technique with differant picking techniques you must now play each excersise in a differant order or fingering.

For example, instead of always pinky-ring-middle-index or 1-2-3-4 fingering each exercise try doing it in differant order.
and so on.....

|-----------------------| |-----------------------| |-----------------------| |-----------------------| Ex-2 with fingering pattern 2314 |---2--------------4----| |--------3-----1--------|

After you know all this get 5 pieces of paper, preferably graph paper. Now make a table with all the fingering possibilities on the Y Axis or the Vertical, and all 4 excercises on the X Axis. Its gonna be a pretty big graph with all the differant fingering combonations. Now make a huge table for each differant picking/stroking techniques using all 5 pieces of paper. Once you have the tables for every finger for each excerise on every picking technique you start recording your BPMs you can hit each one at cleanly with a metronome, take one exercise and take down the BPM's you can play it at cleanly and knock it down 2 clicks, or around 8 BPM.

EX- if you can play Excersise 1 with the upstroke picking on the 1243 fingering combonation at 60 BPM's cleanly without messing up, start practicing at 52 BPM's and work your way up recording your Current BPM's you can hit on your table.

You dont have to go to this extreme making all the tables for everything, but if you have some free time and or you are intent on playing better/faster and get good technique this IMO is a damn fucking good way to do it. Ill most likley eventually make some kind of powertab for these techniques.

Please leave feedback on what you think

and good luck to those who attempt, i salute you
Here is an HTML file that has a good table for the TfH
TfH Table
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