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Poem for my English Class assesment.

Serrated saber slashes you skull,
Your parents tied, they cried as you died.
Slashed and bleeding, blood pours like water
Your son is dead, I continue to slaughter.
The tied parents quiver knowing their fate,
Looking at them, their fear turns to hate.
I take the father and - dragged by the hair -
He starts to scream with a pain hard to bare.
Into the corner where his son's body lie,
I realise now, this gives me a high.
I cut him open and tear out his guts,
Dissecting them fast with precisely aimed cuts.
Leaving him there, a red bloddy mess,
The wife is now screaming, such a success!
Now my blade lurks like a drunk in an alley,
I move to kill her as comes naturally.
Sword cutting through her with a single swing,
Sheathing it now with a gentle 'Sching'.
Maybe you make me a monster in mind, but
My bane was to reign and cause ultimate pain.

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