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Why should volume have anything to do with the quality of distortion? As you well know, distortion is created by overdriving the preamp, so the power amp volume has nothing to do with the creation of distortion

Now, at low volumes alot of frequencies aren't heard so well by the human ear. Our hearing range has a natural presence notch around the 800Hz-2K region; other frequencies of the same volume are rolled off by our ears as, by nature, they aren't as important since the human voice is around this sort of frequency range. At low volumes, the low and high ends of a guitar sound aren't as easily detectable as the mids. Compensating for this with EQ can produce highly acceptable results. I'm not disputing that a cranked amp sounds better than a quiet one, just that amp distortion is better than outboard gain controls, whether at low or high volumes

You can know all the eletronics theory you like, but the bottom line is that with music, and the signal from a guitar passing through an amp, the end result is what you hear, not what you calculate
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