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Originally Posted by Schizoid
Than how come I can't use my pedal with the distortion of the amp because it sounds way too distorted and mucky. I can only use my pedal with the amp if I use the clean section of the amp. Than it sounds good. I know you use pedals to connect to amp, but do you put your amp on clean mode or on distorted mode?

Yes, you should never waste your time trying to use two separate distortions despite certain joke threads you may have seen here (not that you shouldn't experiment for yourself, but generally speaking it will be a total disaster). If you use pedal distortion, run your amp clean. Currently I do not have a tube amp and my Digitech RP-10 has better distortion than my Marshall VS100 amp, so the amp is clean. The vast majority of all guitar amp distortions only sound good at high volume, so around the house you are better off with a pedal.
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