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well personally, i would go with the dime guitar even tho i am a huge slipknot fan. ALL bc rich signature guitar are fucking shit. theyre nothing compared to the customs that the actual artists use. ok, ino thats the same with alot of other companies sigs, but the bcrich sigs are really bellow the standard of other brands.

but i really dont think that you should dis-own the guitar just because you dont like mick thomson. that would be fucking queer and pathetic, especially if your happy with the guitar itself.

well at the end of the day its up to you, i say you should try out the dime guitar to see if it really is neck heavy in your opinion and wether you feel comfortable playing it. if it is comfortable and to your liking, then go for it, but if you dont feel happy with it, then look for another guitar if you really are keen to get rid of your NJ.

my opinion...go for the dime

Originally Posted by Zertonshfits
id say the dime sig because i like the pantera sound better than the load of dog shit that is slipknot...

its not like slipknot sound "shitty" because of their gear. that really is a poor excuse. ok i know that alot of you hate slipknot, and thats cool, but you cant just say "oh, it must be shit because slipknot use it". and doesnt their sound depend on a lot of things like amp settings, amps, tunnings, effects and electronics and shit like that...? alot of other bands use some of the same gear of slipknot and manage to make good music aswell, i really dont think you can just assume that something is crap because a certain band uses it.

lol, sorry to go off on one, im rather sensitive
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