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I've seen pics of all the old atmetalers however havent seen any of the newer peeps.

MEMNOCH is probably sittin at his computer wearing a black cloak shadowing his face. Lit candles surround his computer and monitor, the dried wax remains down the sides. His hands are eternally stuck in the devil horn position makin it difficult for him to type efficiently. He's so fucking metal he makes me feel pop. Think Danny Lilker but more metal.

DISCIPLE is bald and has perfect teeth. They've gone a little yellow recently from smoking but its not too terrible.

He's got a scar above his left eye from getting into a fight with memnoch, a virtual fight at least. See, he was in a heated verbal argument on the forums here and Disciple slammed his fist on his desk hitting the edge of the keyboard. The keyboard flew up and slit a nice gash above his left eye. He wears only leather gloves so not to expose his hands, for his right palm carries the mark.

WALPURGIS is an average everyday American male, except for a few distinguishing characteristics. His eyebrows are shaved first of all, due to an incident at a party where he passed out first. Walpurgis wears only clothes approved by his agent, who happens to be a certain forum member that I cannot reveal. In fact the information on Walpurgis is 100% true, I got it from his agent.
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