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*Jeff Hanneman- Slayer
Kerry King- Slayer
*Steve Vai- Solo/David Lee Roth
*Jimi Hendrix- Jimi Hendrix Experiance
*Jimmy Paige- Led Zepplin
Exodus guys
*Marty Friedman- Megadeth
*Dave Mustaine- Megadeth
Kirk Hammet- Metallica (also used to be in Exodus)
*Paul Gilbert- Mr Big/ Racer X
Billy Sheehan (Bass)-Mr Big/ David Lee Roth
Slash- GNR
*Dimebag Darrell- Pantera/ DammagePlan
Steve Swanson- Six Feet Under
*Eddie Van Halen- Van Halen
Jerry Cantrell- Alice In Chains
*Kurt Cobain (NOT as a guitar player but as a SONGWRITER)- Nirvana
*Tony Iomi- Black Sabbath
Iron Maiden (all 3 of them hehe)
At the Gates guy
*my dad- Salvation Front (he never apeared on CD)

*= heros

these are all my influences
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im 50 percent irish and 100 percent pain. (SHAKE DOWN!!!!)

Canadian Brutal Death (So you know it's good)

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