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I've been waiting to start a good metal band for at least 6 years. I was in a thrash metal band doing vocals and bass but they kicked me out when they found out I listen to Death and Grind and thought I would turn the band into some Death Metal act (which was not my intention at all) and I was all what the fuck? Your guitarist is wearing a fucking Vader shirt! Whatever!

But we are all good friends still and their Thrash Metal act called Cylidian is just recording their demo "To Serve And Infect."

But I want to start a fucking Death/Thrash Grind band like Exhumed, Impaled, Engorged, Ghoul ect. ect. I have a fucking killer grindcore drummer who can blast beat to the max. He just needs to get double bass pedals and we are set. I do guitar and vocals (screams/high growls) for this band. I am looking for a bassist who can also do vocals (grunts) and another guitarist who can do vocals as well (gurgles). But those are hard to come by.
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