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Overdrive provides sustain more than anything, as well as a bit of bite; blues players use it a lot. Distortion is overdrive taken to the extreme, where the preamp is driven way past the point of just starting to crack, giving you that nice saturated sound that we metalheads have come to love!

Also, you don't really want any extra bass in your tone, it makes for a fucking horrible sound. Bassy guitars are a nightmare to record as they interfere with the kick drum and bass guitar, and the bass frequencies on the guitar tracks completely overpower the normal guitar mids and highs, so that makes the guitars sound even worse; I remember recording my old band's EP last year and the guitarist was using a JCM2000, and he pressed some 'Deep' switch which added the most disgusting bass rumble to the guitar sound. I can't believe Marshall are proud of that fucking thing, it's useless
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