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in an update to my last post...we changed the B l o o d S w o r n. it stands for a promise that cant be broken, all that good shit, but we got a speed/thrash/hardcore feel to it...we have 2 singers..used to have 3...but theres a funny ass story (well to me) behind it...i was the original singer...but i dint have my shyt together, so the band took off without me. next, the bassist was the singer, but he was a fucking douchebag...nobody liked him, his ego was too big for liking...he thought he owned the band...our singer sam wasnt going to be able to do a show so i had to step in for him. i was "inducted" by the other menbers officially without him back int the band because i got practice equipment. so at one of our practices he was being a big prick...and one of the guitarists called him a nigger and was talking smack about the bassist to me...but we didnt know that he was riiight behind he got pissed and took all his shit he had, and some the guitarists were using and left like a fucking baby. we sat around the rest of that day pretty much. so the next day at school he wanted to come back...but he had stipulations, i was out, the other singer was out...just them four...the guitarst that didnt call him a nigger called him out...pretty much told him to fuck off. now he was pissed...he drew up a contract so we couldnt take his shit...the drummer whos still friends with his stopped overto his house and found out that hes getting a lawyer to get a real contract written up. but the thing is...this guys a chronic lier, and the shit he wants back isnt copywrited...what we want to do is tab the songs, and copyright the shit...pretty much f him in the a...and thats the story, hes pissed, wants his songs and our drummer...sooo much drama
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