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In reply to the original post, I'd have to recomend trying to go alittle softer on the voice. I think the problem might be that you're trying to make it too loud and too harsh. I don't scream when I sing -- I don't know what to call it. I sound alot like Will from Mortician, pretty fucking low and great "growl" type of shit. But if I try to put toward too much pressure with actually screaming it, it fucks it all up. The sound I use with my voice isn't extremely loud, either. You don't have to go so low with your normal voice, but break your voice below the normal talking range where all it is is low and growly. Don't use your natural tone. After this, a little extra force and volume would get rid of the breathy effect, but it would also start hurting very quickly. Usually, the breathiness just comes along with it and there's not much you can do. It should sound almost like rumbling mixed in with a burp an a little bit of an animalistic sound. Damn, these things are always hard to explain. And having an internet screen as my only tool doesn't work well. But hell, at least I tried.
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