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Originally Posted by Soulinsane
It just amazes me that people are willing to maim themselves for life just to avoid a little work. I could rant about dishonor, cowardice, and other stuff like that but it really doesn't matter since there will never be another draft. If it every comes to the point that the US needs extra people to defend our country from invasion of something, the US will just nuke the planet and kill everyone anyway. It would be easier than trying to get folks to defend themselves.

Nobody is going to shoot themselves to prevent having to repel an invasion. How would that even work? People are talking about injuring themselves to avoid being sent somewhere for another phony fucking Bush war or another Vietnam. People don't want to be sent to a foreign country that is no threat to us in any way just to die for some fucking fat cats.

I doubt you'd find many men not willing to take up arms if there were a legitimate threat of invasion.
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