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First of all, I'm surprised no one nagged about how this should be in the tours/concerts forum. But since it's about personal performance, what the hell...
I think a musician should be like the crowd. Not trying too hard to show off, just feeling the music. If the rush of the music makes you wanna headbang, fucking do it. If it naturally puts you in a certain stance, then go with it. But trying to make a visual show out of it is stupid. Like corroded said, you shouldn't just be zombies on stage concentrating so much on your instrument. But, an audience comes to a metal show to see the music played live. If it weren't anything special, then they might as well put on the bands CD over the PA and let them go crazy. So I definitely think there should be something going on besides constantly staring at the fretboard, but stage antics are just fucking gay. Like I said, don't push yourself to put on a show; just do what the music makes you do.
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