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Originally Posted by User01
well that makes me feel like shit...
the only solos i can play are:
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (DONT Laugh! I only learnt if for my bullshit)
Greenday - American Idiot (Same Reason As Above...DONT LAUGH!!! )
Sting - Fields Of Gold (I like that song, i like listening to that shit when i need a break from all know that feeling)

thats all really, theyre not even solos, theyre...just not solos
im so shite, i just wanna get better
i've been playing for 6 months and i cant play shit

hey don't worry dude, I just learned those solos, I also just learned the Cowboys From Hell solo.
I Belive in a thing called love by the darkness has a really easy solo you might want to check out. The cowboys solo ain't hard either.
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