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Originally Posted by BLS
This past week I have been traveling w/ a truck driver, helping him unload and such.. plus I'm thinking of becoming a truck driver. Anyways... CB Radio's kick ass!

Its so fun, its like a bunch of drunken rednecks just bitching about everything you can imagine. Truck stops are badass too.. everyone shows off their Rig's

Lol. My dad is a truckie, he lives in Arkansas over there in the US of A, he tells me some cool stories of his travels, he actually rolled one of his trucks once, only thing that saved him was him not wearing his seatbelt as the roof got crushed to the seat and he rolled down to were the pedals are. Personally I'd fuckin hate drivin that much, he's got the full setup in the back fridge,bed, toilet, bitch, dog all that shit but I still wouldn't do it. Anyway your post just reminded me, thought i'd tell ya.
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