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All April Foolishness aside, there's no circuitry in a standard amp that could inadvertently demodulate FM signal, so you can discount cell phones, FM radio, etc... (not to my knowledge at any rate, please feel free to correct me if anyone has a technical explanation of how that could happen). Any of that shit would just sound like noise.

Amplitude modulated carriers can be demodulated naturally by any wires or current carrying structures that resonate at the carrier frequency. This includes AM radio, CB radio, Ham radio, possibly older cordless phones and other random consumer shit, and most importantly in your case Shortwave Radio. Shortwave radio is still in use for shit like "Voice of America" and a host of international stations all over the friggin' globe. You can easily pick up broadcasts from other continents depending on atmospheric conditions because that shit bounces off of the ionosphere and back to earth and back again, etc... Finding a german classical station on shortwave would be totally normal.
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