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Originally Posted by blizzard_beast
It's not radio dude. The transistor-valve HZ456 circuitry found in small amps like yours has absolutely no ability to pick up any sort of broadcasting frequencies.
Mine does this all the time, I consulted a pyschic, and he confirmed my suspicions of this being other-worldly and supernatural. They're spectres, who have found no place in the afterlife, thus they seek mediums like, in this case, your amplifier. This is very bad, very bad indeed.

You know what you have to do to ward off these spirits? Construct a small shrine made of wood to the particular spirit. It should look like this:

(your photo)

//// /// ///

(the "/" are bits of wood)

I hope everything works out for you man.

Ok, that sounds pretty stupid and made up, but whatever, since you're the only person who has given an actual explanation, mind answering a few questions? Are they even speaking any language? Cuz it definetly sounds like a language, I first thought German but my stepmom said it isn't "gutter" sounding enough (she said that means like the sound that you have crap in your throat or something, like how germans speak), but it could also be Spanish. And at my house there were two people speaking, now at my dad's (I brought it), the tlaking isn't nearly as loud, and it totally stopped even, though it gets louder too, but anyways it sounds like there's 3 people now. And if this is actually spirits, why would it play like 3 minutes of classical music? You think the spirits are just sitting in there, chatting with eachother all day? Sounds like a bunch of balony, because they don't even respond to me playing guitar. It definetly sounds like radio broadcast, though what's weird is I turned my volume lower and I could still hear them at their normal volume, though my amp probably just sucks ass and does that normally lol.

And no, I'm not going to make a shrine, that's just retarded.

Also, after you made your "shrine", do you still get the voices?
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