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You know Chris, I have no ideal who removes dangerious animal from training grounds. I'm sure someone has to do it.

Funny story: While I was in South Carolina for nuke school, my command had major issues with insects and reptiles on the base. My school was built right on a swamp loaded with aligators, snakes, and bugs. There was small pond right in front of the school and a big aligator decided to live there. There was only 1 road in or out of the school and it went right by the pond. Well the aligator would come out of the water and warm up on the road for hours most days. This caused traffic to back up and no one could get in or out. On the running trails there was swamp on the left and right of the paths and you could see aligators and snakes while running. The bugs were the worst though imo. We were their main food and you couldn't go anywhere with out them following you.
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