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Exclamation Songs to improve skill

For mad tapping skills... start out on Van Halen "Eruption"... that will build strength and speed... then get a hold of Steve Vai's "Rescue me or Bury me"... the last tapping section of that will be super hard... but its fucking tight as hell if you can pull it off.
Flat picking speed and strenth....Metallica's "Master of puppets" is gold for flat picking exercise...
Alternate picking.... Metallica's "Fade to black" outro solo is pretty good practice,... even "The Call of Ktulu" has an awsome solo peice... that will build lots of strenght in your picking hand as well as control while skiping strings... almost too easy though because of the predictability of running one whole scale down the neck... but always good to start out on.
Fret hand speed.... Just about any classical peices... get a hold of a song called "Eugene's Trick Bag"... its on Steve Vai's Elusive Light and sound album... Its a solo based on Paganinis 5th Caprice.. but then... Joe Satrianis solo in "Rubina's Blue Sky Happiness" is relatively short,... but pretty challenging.. not much picking.. .but lots of fast finger movement....
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