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Well I know it is uber cool and all to dislike the military and think you are being an individual by not joining, but it is really just a job and a personal decission. The military isn't some big bad evil brainwashing monster.

There really isn't some hardass instructor that you have to beat at his own game or that is trying to brake your spirit in boot camp. It is all in your head. If people yelling at you fucks with you then don't join or listen to metal for that matter. There is no difference. You will have better things to do and worry about while in the military then someone yelling at you. If discipline is the problem then don't be a musician either. Discipline is the ability to over come your own weakness to achieve greatness. You will find that the personal limitations that you have placed on yourself will be harder to overcome then some instructors. You will have your moment to sceam back at the instructor anyway. Tell them that you are not going to quit when they stay you should or that you can do something when they say you can't. Scream your ass off at them if that helps. There is no rule about not being motivated. Tell them that you are there to see things to the end. They want you to become apart of the team and if yelling helps bring that energy out of you then they are going to have no problem with you yelling. It is like one long huge ass metal concert in a way. Loads of energy and insiration. Most people that can't handle the military have only themself to blame and not anyone else.

Navy RTC is no joke, but you are there to learn about the Navy and not there to be beat on for the fun of the Navy. Some say it is a easy and others find it too hard. It's all opinion, but one thing for sure is that it takes work. I seen even the smallest, soft, passive girls and boys go in and come out as assertive, confident, women and men. It is a place that people can learn about themself and better themself to work as a team, or just leave. I don't want anyone in the U.S. Navy that isn't willing to put the effort into get through boot camp.
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