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I think the point is that it's a battle he disagrees with. I'd rather wither away as a contended old man who lived life the way I wanted than get killed in a battle I didn't really care to fight. Conversely, I'd rather die in a war I did believe in than wither away as an embittered and unhappy old man. Don't strip either death of context.

There is a serious problem with overmedicating for ADD. John's case being valid doesn't preclude this, any more than the existence of overmedication precludes John's case being valid. There is a lot of misdiagnosis, but sometimes the diagnosis is accurate. So stop talking about it. (Though the claim that modern society somehow has less capacity for memory is ludicrous; our interests - and, yes, attention spans - have changed, but we haven't become idiots.)

Finally: I don't know any military translators. I do know a few translators who work for government agencies, and their previous skill in the language and preferences when it comes to language meant exactly fuck-all. If the only thing you want out of this is Norwegian, try a different way. I hear they speak it in Norway.
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