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Originally Posted by CANNIBALCORPSE
I'm not getting my hair cut to be in the fucking army.. and exercise, and run.. fuck that. and then go to war, because there will be one.. fuck it.

Will be one? We're in one right now. I squeaked in between the Gulf War and the War on Terror. My dad squeaked in between Korea and Vietnam. If you are joining right now and don't want to be directly involved in the war, go Navy, but have no doubt that you will be spending more time than usual floating in the Persian Gulf and you will likely be at an elevated state of readiness which might include wearing a hot-ass CBR suit all day in the hot-ass humid hell-hole that is the Middle East. If you want to go for the easy ride, wait until we pull out of Iraq. It will be another ten years after that before our country can afford another "police action". If you think you can make a 20+ year career out of the military and not go to war, you're high. If you join the Coast Guard they are constantly at war with drug runners and illegal immigrants and stupid people who get lost at sea. It is often considered to be as slack as the Air Force, but I would say it's a lot more dangerous.

Choosing a safe profession in the military is pretty easy though. If you are an aviation electronics tech in the Air Force for example you will never be in danger other than hurting yourself on the plane.
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