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Originally Posted by Pandemonium
That's all good and dandy if you say so, but are you aware of the reasearch being done concerning the relation between ADD medication and DNA damage? That's right, a new theory. Could be bogus, but when all of these people are (possibly) unable to produce kids- or able to produce severely deformed kids- all of these "misdiagnosed" people will be contributing to a serious decrease in the amount of members of the next generation. I cannot say that would be a bad thing, though, for the Earth's sake.

True, but you must also take into account that medical technology has been largely inneffective for treating ADD for the first twenty years that it has been applied, due to its primitivity, and that it is no reason to criminalize and abandon the practise of treating the disorder altogether. Recent innovations such as Strattera and Wellbutrin are making quantum leaps, whereas Riddilin and other speed-based medications are the likely culprits of maladjusted seed.
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