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Originally Posted by Pandemonium
The military sounds like utter shit. I don't give a fuck about the benefits or money involved, I care about my happiness. FBS said it well with "I'd rather eat my foot...", haha. That was a great one.

I totally felt that way myself before I was suckered into joining. It was a total money decision for me since California was in the middle of a big depression in the technology fields and my family was broke ass broke. After going through it all I see it as a long and insane bitch session which gives me the ability to land better jobs. Outside of the good friends I made, the world travel, and the two years worth of useful training I would say it pretty much sucked overall.

There are three basic reasons to join:

1. You are broke and want to see the world and party and not worry about bullshit like insurance and food and housing and such and you have a plan to gain worthwhile skills and get the fuck out.
2. You are broke and are socially retarded or an ex-con and need a faceless big brother type organization to float you through the rest of your life.
3. You are a hardcore patriot want to serve your country in any way possible (I think most people who believe they fall into category 3 are actually in category 2, but not all them).

I did have one friend who joined the Army for two years just because he wanted to get a lot of free skydiving and explosives experience for fun, but he is definitely the exception to the rule.
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