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Originally Posted by John Holland
I do have glasses, and for only 6 weeks I really don't care what they make me wear ...

I do know that in the Airforce, you can have on religious symbol/talisman/pendant whatever, but you must keep it under your shirt. You can bring one text respective to your chosen religion, if you entertain one. Electric shaver and such are permitted. Of course no entertainment devices.

I do take a prescription drug for ADD, Wellbutrin, and without it I have a hard time concentrating on anything. I think my recruiter ( Whom I've been talking with for several months ) said something about the Airforce allowing recruits to take medications such as those during basic training, but then again they'll say nearly anything. What say you, Kylito?

You are correct on all points. I didn't think of those items because I didn't have any of them personally and intentionally walked in with nothing but clothes. I can't remember if you can bring any one book or if has to be a religious text. I did get into it with my department head on the ship over what we could read while we were standing condition III radar watch in the Persian Gulf. My guys got into trouble for reading weightlifting publications and I got into trouble for reading one of the Fletch novels. They allow naval texts and religious "bibles" only and that pissed me off big time since Fletch is my version of the bible and weightlifting seemed appropriate to me as well. As far as the drugs go, you have to bring your prescription and you have to turn it over to the company commander. He or a designated representative will issue them to you as required. My mom sent me some Magnesium pills in boot camp because she had just read an article on how it speeds muscle growth and I had told her that I was way out of shape and borderline on my pushups after sitting on my ass in college. They open and inspect all packages and I caught some serious verbal abuse for that one from a trained professional verbal abuser.

As far as the electric razor goes, not allowed in Navy unless a Navy doctor prescribes it for you. If you have facial hair issues like ingrown hairs they will issue you a "no shave" chit before they give you an electric razor. Air Force may be different.
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