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Originally Posted by Bia
[QUOTE=John Holland]I do take a prescription drug for ADD, Wellbutrin, and without it I have a hard time concentrating on anything. I think my recruiter.....QUOTE]

Try and drop that....cold turkey.
It's not natural and all humans suffer from that from time to time and have gone hundreds of thousands of years without scripts for such a thing.
I recently read a study saying it's believe among many critics that ADD medication is overprescribed in a range around 70% plus or minus.

Screw making the criminal drug companies richer.

Screw your inadequate and inane assessment of incomplete data. Due to the advent of digital entertainment and television, and large reformations in the transmission of information, mono-linear thinking patterns in many humans in the last 50 years have become ever abstract and increasingly disjointed, especially for those such as myself who are naturally bred for abstract and creative thinking as it is. Of course people 250 years ago did'nt have ADD : school children memorized entire pages of text overnight to recite them the next day. It was not totally uncommon to find people who had memorized the entire Bible, a task that would equate to superhuman potential in this day and age. As the interface for accessing large amounts of data have radically changed, so has the necessity for our brains to retain it.

Of the ten out of twenty symptoms required as exhibited, to be diagnosed with ADD, I had : Nineteen. Overprescription in many cases perhaps, but in no stretch of the imagination have I been misdiagnosed.

Do you even know what the hell Wellbutrin does? It stimulates the production of synapses during mundane and calculative activities that are of no interest to the thinking sentient performing those tasks.

And, its called a fucking CAT scan. They don't lie. Brainwaves in people who have ADD and those who don't are distinctly different, ask any neurologist.

Keep the topic on joining the military.
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