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Originally Posted by Kylito
You can't have anything in basic. Whatever you bring you will have to mail back home upon arrival. If you keep anything and they find it, you are fucked. If you wear glasses, you can keep those, but they will make you a new pair of "safety" glasses and you will be required to wear those during boot camp. If you have a light prescription and don't want to wear them because they look gay, they will come down on you and make you wear them all the time.

I do have glasses, and for only 6 weeks I really don't care what they make me wear ...

I do know that in the Airforce, you can have on religious symbol/talisman/pendant whatever, but you must keep it under your shirt. You can bring one text respective to your chosen religion, if you entertain one. Electric shaver and such are permitted. Of course no entertainment devices.

I do take a prescription drug for ADD, Wellbutrin, and without it I have a hard time concentrating on anything. I think my recruiter ( Whom I've been talking with for several months ) said something about the Airforce allowing recruits to take medications such as those during basic training, but then again they'll say nearly anything. What say you, Kylito?
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