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Originally Posted by guitar_demon
also what kinda shit cant you have in basic? what can you have?
and why should you go to church, they cant make you and wouldnt that be time you can just relaxe on your bunk?

You can't have anything in basic. Whatever you bring you will have to mail back home upon arrival. If you keep anything and they find it, you are fucked. If you wear glasses, you can keep those, but they will make you a new pair of "safety" glasses and you will be required to wear those during boot camp. If you have a light prescription and don't want to wear them because they look gay, they will come down on you and make you wear them all the time.

Going to church is a judgement call based on how many people in your company don't go to church. Our company got a special faggoty award flag for perfect attendance at church. If you are the one guy who prevented this flag from being earned, you will be shat on by your fellow shitbags. Religion is a very touchy subject in the boot camp conglomerate and you should really avoid saying anything negative about it for your own good. As in my case, if your company commander asks you a direct question, be honest and stick to your convictions. As far as the other punks in the company are concerned, the less you say the better. If you disagree with them on a moral issue, don't bother to let them know because it will only make you a target in most cases. Even if it's just one idiot and everyone in the company is silently on your side of the argument, just let it go. You do not need a mentally unstable teenager who sleeps and eats with you 24/7 developing a personal grudge against you. Being on this forum you have the experience to see yourself as a newbie. Sure, everyone else is a newbie too, but don't stick your neck out. Other people will do this and you can just sit back and watch the fun. I had an ongoing problem with the two fuckers in front of me and behind me when we marched in ranks because they had no musical talent or rhythm and they would march in step with whoever was in front of them instead of marching in step with the guy calling the cadence like they were supposed to. As a guitarist I could not help marching in perfect step with the cadence and these guys would constantly be out of step and kicking me and forcing me to step on their heels and such. I stuck to my guns because they were little bitches and I couldn't stand them right off the bat. They were in step with the stupid short bastard in front and to them that meant that they were in step. If you watched our company from the side it was pathetic because the guys in back would all be in step but the front was totally random and would go through beat cycles like windshield wipers because the two jackasses in front were the flagbearers who are intentionally the shortest guys in the company. They would march as fast as their little legs could move and pay absolutely no attention to the cadence. It really would have been less irritating overall if I had just given in and stayed in step with the retards instead of the cadence.
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