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Originally Posted by BLS
get a job

On what rational basis of judgement, is this not a job?
r34l BROOTAL m3talheadz don't W34R CAM0!!!!!! 1ONEONEONE

Originally Posted by BLS
He using the comfort of housing, clothing, food and money as an excuse to join the army... which can all be had with a decent job.

I'm not joining the Army ... the Airforce. Big difference. Disgustingly large, unquantifiable difference, and you should be reprimanded for confusing the two. For one, there is a threefold difference in base salary, among other things ...

Fulltime civillian occupation ( something like being paid 35,00$ a year for being a lifeguard, or 135,000$ a year for being a civil engineer ... just two of 150 examples ) within the Air Force Reserve ... even bigger difference. I've certainly weighed all the options with precision : The quickest and most economical way ( and no, I would'nt go to war --- infantry go to war, understand that ) for someone with a GED to leave a small town, with a more than decent job, is through this route.
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