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I went to Boot Camp for rotc (before you go off on me about how its nothing, let me finish). While its anything in comparison to real bootcamp, it was a real bitch. Shitty food, little sleep, and rarely a second I didn't wish I was home. So I suggest anyone who is considering going into the military be able to do without the following things:

Clean Heads (toilets, mates)
Hot Showers, if a shower at all
Good Food
Food at all (swear to god, I ate once a day, unless we left to go somewhere else, in that case, I ate like a starving african boy).
Your Sanity

Yeah. I've got great boot camp stories, but the truth is, I fucking hated it with a passion. Thank god I went, though. One of the contributing factors to why I'm staying out of the military. I'm not getting into the other, unless someone wants to know, in which case, PM me.
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The one time I go to check this thread, it mentions me getting fucked by a dude.

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