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Memories Boot camp was actually fun now that I look back. Nuke school was 2 years of hell, but boot camp was fun. It was hard but very fun at the same time. All the people that are not going to make it because of attitudes or whatever reason will be removed within the first week. After that everyone learns that working together will get everyone through. I got picked to be section leader#5 and was the only person in a leadership position not to lose their job during our 9 week stay. It was amazing I did it because I got beat on for laughing all the time and I had 2 dudes in my section that couldn't even speak english. They fucked up all the time. I got beat on lots because of them but that was just part of the job. They both made it through and could even speak english by the end. They worked harder then anyone else imo. The best part of boot camp for me was Battle Stations. The end test of everything you have learned about the Navy. Hard as hell but it felt great once I was done and finally had the title of U.S. Sailor

It is just a job that takes up a little more time then most during the beginning, but it seemed like the end of everything I ever knew in my life. That wasn't the case of course, because you can't take the metal out of some people no matter even if the hair is gone Boot camp is what everyone worries the most about, but it isn't really that bad. Make it fun.
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