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That definitely hits the spot there. Sheds a lot of light about what goes on in the military that people don't know about.

I wish to god I would have joined the Air-Force because they get treated much better than we do in the Army. We obviously have our fair share of shitty details...but that is expected with the uniform I guess.

There are rampant shitbags in my line of work too (Patriot Missle Air BS BTW). Lots of lazy people, over-weight people...ones tha can't pass a PT test. You catch my drift, and it all falls down on the people that actually work hard and go the extra mile.

I've been in for 2 1/2 years now, I'm an E-4 and I could be looking at E-5 in the next few months. I've already been to the school I need to be at, but its not going to get any easier. I still have to bust my ass all the time, and my guitar skills are falling along the wayside as I go...which is really starting to erk me.

The military isn't for everyone, Rapture, if you are really serious about joining make sure you know everything there is to know about the job you are going to do...and whatever service it may be.

Do not just take a recruiters opinion of a job, because he has probably never done it...(in a few cases he may have) and he DOES have a quota to fill, even though he will say he won't

All in all though, I think the Army has helped me a lot. I do a lot of bullshit but I have built a lot of character/willpower/ and leadership skills out of my time so far. Its to easy really.

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