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Originally Posted by TangledMortalCoil
heh no kidding.. if anything that is a reason I would *not* buy the Spider.. but seriously, I think you are the third person to assume that I am about the get the Spider. I began this thread more interested in the Cube, and I am pretty much back where began. More people here respect the Cube, though the reviews out there seem pretty balanced. The Cube's modeling is considered a good feature, while the Spider's fx are considered shit.. so thats one up for the Cube. xDx swears the Cube has better tone, which is great, BUT the one thing keeping me slightly interested in the Spider is the fact that only non-metallers seem displeased with it.. therefore, if the sound of the Spider pisses off conventional rock and blues players, it might mean that it just sounds too evil all around, which is a possible point for the Spider in my book. In the end, I think it's gonna be the Cube. . thanx

i went to the virgin instrument store 2day, and i had both the roland cube and the spider with me. and i was comparing them and the cube has a much better distortion. but both of em didnt sound as good as they could do because i was using a shitty epihpone les paul.
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