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man i made the same thread ages ago...exact same thread, but whatever

i say go for the roland god it kicks so much ass, i was speaking to the guitar tech at my local guitar shop and he was telling me that the sounds of the line 6 spiders are so strerile and that the only reason people buy it is because mick from slipknot made a video with it (im not saying thats why you want it).

he showed me the cube, let me try it out, and fucking hell it kicked the shit outta the me on that.
the roland has a mesa boogie rectifier modeling mode and a metal stack modeling mode (which is based upon the peavey 5150) and it has loadsa other different modes.
the fx's are better aswell, like 10x better.
connectability is cool aswell.

even tho the cube 30 has got a 10" speaker, its still fucking LOUD. easily as loud as the spider, their probably about equal on volume. and you get the bonus point of it being easier to move around.

at the end of the day its up to you, i would go for the roland...

btw, i dont work for roland .
i, like you, was all up for the spider II originally, but then came the cube and i then sided with that imidiately.

heres the site:
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